"Do You Know Me?" - United Solo Theatre Festival, New York, NY (Best Dramatic Play)
"The acting and directing are crisp." Brenda Repland, ArabVistas Today 

"Do You Know Me?" - Cherry Lane Theatre, New York, NY 

- Asheville Fringe Arts Festival, Asheville, NC 
- Austin Fringe Festival, Austin, TX 
- United Solo Theatre Festival, New York, NY (Best Avant Garde Play)
- Toronto Fringe Festival 

"The Biscuiteater" - Tucson Fringe Festival, Tucson, AZ (Best Solo Performance)

"The Biscuiteater" - Chicago Fringe Festival, Chicago, IL

"The Biscuiteater" - United Solo Theatre Festival, New York, NY 
"Kudos to Director Lisa Chess for creating the precision with which Mr. Loucks moves from one character to another. He resists the temptation toward caricature while still communicating exactly the person being emulated." Brenda Repland, ArabVistas Today 

"The Biscuiteater" - The Electric Lodge, Venice, CA 
"Under Lisa Chess's direction, the piece feels warm, inviting, and yet purposeful, and it builds and ebbs in an inescapable wave." Dany Margolies, ArtsInLA 

"The Biscuiteater" - Theatre Off Jackson, Seattle, WA 

"The Biscuiteater" - Austin Fringe Festival, Austin, TX